The Year of Chance

August 19, 2016

Is it me or has this year been filled with a bunch of great albums? From YG’s Still Brazy, School Boy Q’s Blank Face, 2Chainz and Lil Wayne’s Collegrove, and even Gucci put out a fire album Everybody Looking after coming out of prison. But out of all those albums there’s only one that really stand out amongst the crowd… Continue Reading…


Do you want to be Free?

August 15, 2016

Don’t you want to be free? Don’t we all? So why do we waste most of our time doing shit for other people? Why is it that we never work on anything for ourselves? Then we realize 10 years later that we haven’t accomplished anything in our lives. That’s if we realize that the system has contained us, but most people go on living their life never amounting to anything or building anything for themselves, except build someone else’s dream. Shit is fucked up. The whole system has us contained in a box without any way to get out, and the deeper you get, the more this life swallows you up whole. How are we, the ones who come from nothing, suppose to make it in this world? Everything is against us education, the law, the economy, etc how do we find the freedom we need in order to survive? All I ever wanted was a little hope just to make a difference in my own community, luckily I got that, but what happens to those individuals who feel like nothing is going for them? How do they strive for more? Continue Reading…


Why You’ll Never Outwork Me

August 4, 2016

These last couple of days I’ve been itching to find a different forms of inspiration. As a writer in order to create new content I have to constantly surround myself around different inspiring environments to create my own set of ideas, but as of lately things have been at a standstill. I’m in a transition phase in my journey so everything is coming in a little slower than usual. But one thing is for certain though, regardless of what stage my life is in, no one will ever outwork me.

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Some Thoughts I Jotted Down About Culture

July 30, 2016

When I was younger I didn’t really care about my own culture or heritage. When conversations were brought up about the two, 99% of the time my statement was always “I’m American”. But looking back now I can definitely see how ignorant I was. “American” isn’t even a heritage. Our roots, customs, language, and values is what defines us as people but as the generations go on it seems like we’re losing sight of who we are. The more society evolutions, it seems the more customs and traditions are being lost. We need to find different solutions to preserve our heritages and cultures whether it’s by taking note of the foods we eat, the language we speak, and most importantly keep our family traditions alive.

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Life a Year Later

July 19, 2016

Over the last year I’ve learned so much about my own path. It’s been a year since I left school and I left San Antonio for good. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but it’s been the most rewarding. Although I’ve hit rough patches on this path I don’t regret anything. It was never easy to just get up and go, basically leaving everything I once knew behind. But here I am a year later, smarter than ever, more conscious of my surroundings, and most importantly; one with every aspect of my life.

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Guest Post | My Way to Becoming a Successful Writer

July 18, 2016

I once heard that writing is a talent, which is given at the moment you were born. Nothing can change it: you cannot nurse it if you do not have it. And if you have it, it will stay with you forever. So I asked how to define that a person is blessed with writing? And I got no answer. Because there is no such thing as born with a talent. You can have some tendencies and you can be better with words than with numbers, but it will never make you a successful writer. It is just a material, and nothing more. I believe that only a person with a defined aim to become a good writer can get what he or she wants. It takes time and really hard work. Everything comes with a price.

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