Life is all about Perspective

June 24, 2016

We’ve all come to a point in a lives where we hit a wall and we feel gassed out. How do you manage to keep going when you’ve outworked yourself for a long period of time? How do you move forward when you feel like you’ve give your craft everything that you got and you still don’t see any results from it? We’ve all been victims of this mental trap and it’s not easy to get out of it, but deep down inside you have to realize you have to keep pushing. It’s all a matter of perspective and how you view every situation going on in your life, you can either bitch about it or continue to work on your craft.

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Life in Montreal

June 16, 2016

When you immerse yourself into the unknown, you learn more about yourself than a place where you feel comfortable. Living in Montreal has definitely been a culture shock. Nothing I’m accustomed to. From the language to the culture, everything is completely different from back home. But sometimes we need these kind of experiences in order for us to grow as human beings. Stepping out of our comfort zones is necessary. But even though everything here in Montreal is far from the known, there lies beauty everywhere you look.

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Nas wasn’t lying; The World is Yours.

June 10, 2016

Where I come from the opportunities to see the world never arrive on your doorstep. Let alone have the imagination to believe there is a far bigger world out there. Bunch of stoop kids. Kids like me sit on the porch and watch the world pass us, with fear in our hearts never having the courage to get up and go past the porch. Especially when you come from a broken home. Especially when you don’t have a male role model to guide you through the cruel cold world. What hope could we ever have? But I’ll be the first to tell you there is hope, even for kids who come from the same places that I come from. It’s unbelievable what it is out there, you just have to step off the porch and recognize the world is in arms reach. Just grab it.

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Take Control of Your Life.

June 8, 2016

Regardless of where you get in life people will always question everything you do. No matter how many times you fail and no matter how many times you succeed. But most of the time those same people have no idea what it took to get to where you are. All the nights you battled your thoughts and all the days you fought just to make it through another day, people have no idea. There’s no real way to shut out the negativity that surrounds us because regardless of how much you don’t want to hear it, people will always have an opinion. The only thing we can do is learn to never react and continue to move forward. Life is filled with a lot of bullshit, but underneath all the bullshit there’s a lot of beauty beneath it.

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How to Become a Better Writer | Writing Tips

May 25, 2016

Normally I like to keep my writing secrets stashed up in a safe, but today I was feeling a bit generous and wanted to share a couple tips that have helped me become an overall better writer. I think it’s important to always find new ways to improve your writing because as some of you may know, this is a very competitive field and everyone is trying to showcase their best possible work. So it’s important to develop  new strategies on how to improve your writing.

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Great Read | Walk Like A Buddha

May 19, 2016

Religion is something I don’t really like to speak on because in today’s world everyone seems to have their own opinion about someone else’s beliefs. So just to put everything on the table, no I don’t believe in a single religion. It’s not because I have anything against them it’s just my own beliefs and a part of who I am. I’ve always felt that religion tears people apart from the real purpose of our existence; the well beings of every living organism on this planet. Just because someone doesnt believe in a “god” it doesnt make them any less of a person than you. The real reason for our existence is to love one another deeply, not to have some belief tear us apart.

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