Welcome to BlueBird - A CPanel Cloud Server

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Welcome to the CPanel server, "BlueBird". CPanel is our web-based control system for Website Hosting accounts. Click 'CPanel Login' button below to access your account. If you're seeking CPanel based WebMail (if you have that service), choose the WebMail button.

E-Mail Control (SiteAdmin)

If you are using our 'Business Professional' Mail system, as most of our clients do, and you are looking to access the SiteAdmin panel to manage your domain mail (or access WebMail), then you will need to be re-directed to the correct place (server). If you recognize your mail server name below, please click the appropriate button. If you are unsure which server, you can attempt to navigate to 'mail.domain.com' (where domain.com is your domain name), or contact support at 210-226-6666.